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Green swimming pools are caused by algae. This happens when there are chemical imbalances in your swimming pool water. The main reason for a green pool is the lack of chlorine, but it is good to remember that high pH can result in poor chlorination. Often times, high pH is an indication of too high of an output from your pool salt chlorinator.

It is always important to keep your pH within the range of 7.2-7.6. This is where water remains neutral and chlorine works best.

The set back requirement for an inground pool is 1.2m or 4ft from the property line for the city of Toronto.
This includes the following city of Toronto municipalities:

North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Toronto

High performance bedding is a low compaction gravel-like material which is used to prepare the base of a fiberglass pool before it is installed. High performance bedding is currently the best material that can be used for fiberglass pool installations as it allows for water to drain through and has a very low compaction rate.

A concrete collar; also known as a concrete belt is put around the perimeter of a fiberglass pool to secure it in place. This is done to prevent shifting of the pool over the coming years. It helps weigh down the pool incase of ground water accumulating under the pool and the water level being low, this prevents it from rising.

The city of Toronto requires a pool enclosure of non-climbable height (chain-link, wood) at a minimum of 1.2 meters surrounding the pool area for all single residential properties. All entrances to the pool-area require a self closing door/gate.

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City of Toronto Pool Construction application

Usually pool cartridge filters can be washed and reused. Home owners sometimes replace them on an annual or semi annual basis. if your experiencing cloudy water or pool water flow, its likely time to rinse/ change your cartridge filter.

Depending on the size and setup of the pool it costs on average about $1000 per season to maintain a back yard swimming pool per summer season if the home owner takes care of all the maintenance. This includes the chemicals needed, the cost of electricity and the cost of gas.

Alternatively, we offer summer care packages starting from $2000 for 12 weeks including all chemicals, opening, closing and weekly services.

The cost to install a fiberglass pool depends on the pool size, shape, depth and manufacturer. A fiberglass pool installation costs anywhere between $50,000 and $100,000.

Some hidden costs for fiberglass pool installation is as follows:

  • Quality of equipment
  • Excavation
  • Dirt Removal
  • Crane Lift
  • Aggregate Material
  • Gas and Electrical
  • Concrete Collar
  • Permits and Architectural Fees
Fiberglass pool installation

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Depending on the size of the pool, a fiberglass pool can weigh from 1500 to 5000 lbs.

Usually a fiberglass pool installation takes anywhere between 3-6 business days. This is based on site access, size of the pool and its features.
Landscaping usually follows after the pool installation.

The time it takes to install a fiberglass pool takes about 5 business days. Assuming if all the materials are on site on time and weather permitting.

Fiberglass pools are designed to be a permanent feature of a home. With that being said, most manufacturers offer 20 year warranties on the pools. The shell itself can easily last up to half a century if properly taken care of.

A crane is the best way to install a fiberglass pool. It allows for accurate placement of the pool in relation to the property. In some cases, smaller pools can be installed with the help of an excavator. But generally, a crane is the most reliable and simple option.

Yes. Spill over hot tubs can be isolated from the pool water though the usage of valves. This allows for the use of one heater to control the hot tub water temperature without affecting the pool water temperature. Although, when the hot tub heating is active, the spill over function is not available.