Golden Water Aquatics

Our Roots

The first customers to hear about Golden Water Aquatics and experience our services started in 2013. Under a one man operation at the age of 16, with the hopes of teaching swimming to kids in backyard and condominium pools while working part time lifeguarding facility pools.

The First Big Step

In 2019, we started our new support for backyard pool owners. Delivering quality pool maintenance packages to the GTA community for fair prices. Knocking on doors in the local neighborhood, offering weekly services for monthly fees.

More Than just cleaning

Summer of 2020, was the year of major growth for golden water aquatics. With just over 20 weekly services, countless repairs and service calls, and 4 successful pool builds, partnering with the best manufacturers, we continued to grow our foot print in the pool community, while delivering quality care to each and everyone of our customers.