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Northern International Paradise GL33210 Low Voltage Smart 12V & 120V 200W A/C Transformer, Grey


The Paradise 200W smart A/C transformer GL33210 (black) is compatible with all low voltage landscaping lighting systems and its ground shield will let you use it with surbmersible lights safely. Control your landscape easily with the included App from the comfort of your home. Create lighting profiles according to the channels in which you wired your lights. The App can be downloaded in both the App store and google play store. World’s first transformer with sun tracking technology. The astronomical timer will track the sun’s position according to your geographical location and turn on your lights at dusk and close them at dawn. It can be installed indoor or outdoor with a user friendly LCD screen that helps you manage your outdoor lighting system. Choose a timer setting according to your preference from Dusk-to-Dawn, Astronomical Timer (Sunwise) or regular timer. Also features an easy to read load indicator and a removable panel for easy wiring installation. With a 200W rating transformer, install as many lights as required (up to transformer rating) to create a customized lighting solution to suit your needs. With its powerful output, this 12V 200W A/C Transformer has 3 channels that allows you to reach both your front and backyard without getting any voltage drops. It also includeds a fourth channel that uses 120V current, allowing you to use any outdoor appliances like an electric lawn mower or some christmas lights for example. This professional grade outdoor lighting management system is weatherproof and fully customizable to add a unique design to your home. With the Paradise smart transformer, your outdoor lighting options are endless. Compatible with all A/C 12 Volts low voltage lights. 1-year limited warranty.