Golden Water Aquatics

Waterhouse Way


Project Information:

Dolphin Pools Bahamas (Caribbean Blue)

Plain Concrete

3D Design and Planning


The homeowners are hardworking parents of two girls. They wanted to improve their kids recreational space by adding a swimming pool in their backyard.

Some challenges were faced with the city not allowing for their full desired hardscape area, but in collaboration with the homeowners, we were able to figure out a space that still maximizes their pool deck while creating other areas for the girls to be able to enjoy. 

The girls, along with their mother are all avid planters, so they work their green thumbs by beautifying the space with gorgeous flowers and even some strawberries. 

A modern precast concrete waterfall is also an added for a gorgeous wall feature and some relaxing sound of water flowing. 

Behind the Scenes


Excavation and Dirt Removal

Base Preparation

Crane Lift and Pool Installation

Plumbing and Backfill

Equipment Installation

Pool Opening and Project Finalization