Golden Water Aquatics

City of Toronto

City of Toronto Swimming Pool Permit

City of Toronto Swimming Pool By-Law Requirements:

  1. Minimum 1.2m (4ft) set back from property line.
  2. Pool legal enclosure fence must be at least 1.2m (4ft) from the edge of the pool with a minimum height of 1.2m (4ft) on single residential properties and 1.8 (6ft) on multiple residential properties. 
  3. Pool must only be accessible by self closing and latching gates – if a wall forms part of a pool enclosure, it cannot have any doors or windows opening into the pool area.
  4. Soft scape must be greater than 50% of the surface area of the rear yard.
  5. Minimum 0.6m (2ft) of soft scape to be left undisturbed around the property line.
All applicants must obtain a Zoning Certificate before applying for a Pool Enclosure Permit. 

Zoning Certificate Submission Requirements:

  1. Existing site plan
  2. A site plan showing:
    • pool and property dimensions;
    • pool equipment location;
    • distances to the house and lot lines;
    • location and dimensions of any doors and windows in the house adjacent to the pool area;
    • location, height and material of proposed fence; and
    • percentage of hard versus soft landscaping.
  3. A completed Application for a Zoning Certificate for Pool Enclosure
Note: Soft Landscaping may include the water surface area of outdoor swimming pools or other ancillary structures used to hold water, such as fountains or artificial ponds. 

Submit requirements in .pdf form to

Once your Zoning Certificate is approved, you must apply for a Pool Enclosure Permit at City of Toronto’s Municipal Licensing and Standards Division.

Submission Requirements:

  1. Pool Fence Enclosure Permit Application Form 
  2. Zoning Certificate
  3. Zoning Approved Site Plan
Submit requirements in .pdf form to
City of Toronto Fees: $198.59

Golden Water Aquatics Proposed permit site plan and application assistance fees $500 (Homeowners are responsible for submission and city fees).

*Not including any forestry reports and permits if needed.

*Not including Conservation Permits and approvals if applicable.