Golden Water Aquatics

Take your pool to the next level…

Complete your pool build with eye catching water features that make your backyard the talk of the neighborhood.

Sheer Descents

Mix and match our waterfall curtains ranging from one to eight foot lengths.

Create beautiful backdrop cascades that bring the sound of serenity to your backyard pool experience.

Our Sheer descents are all back lit and color changing with our pool lights

Natural Stone Water falls

If a natural look is what you are going for, then a custom made waterfall may be what you need. Arrange boulders and large stones of your choice and we will take care of the rest.

With the addition of a few of landscaping lights, you would be surprised how mesmerizing a natural water falls can look hovering over your pool.


Bring your pool to life by showcasing your splash deck with color changing bubblers.

Great addition for young children who are getting familiar with water play.

Colour charging integrated lights that sync with the rest of the pool

Laminar flow streams

Elegant, dramatic arcs of brilliantly illuminated water.

Laminar flow streams make a great addition to any pool, more versatile than waterfalls with the ability of being installed almost anywhere they add a great touch to your pool build