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Minimalistic Backyard Design

Looking for a Swimming Pool Company? We've got you covered!

Golden water aquatics is a swimming pool company based in Richmond Hill, specializing in all swimming pool and backyard construction. We are a swimming pool contractor who builds fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl swimming pools. Furthermore, we carry a wide range of accessories. Whether you need swimming pool equipment, parts or any backyard features, Golden Water Aquatics has the product for you.

We offer a wide range of options when it comes to swimming pools. Golden Water Aquatics is an authorized Grand Dealer for Latham Fiberglass Pools. Leaders of the fiberglass swimming pool industry, for their structural integrity, ease of installation, easy customizations, and their lifetime warranty.

If you’re aiming for one of a kind, and a fiberglass pool is not the right fit for you, look no further. Let us build you a custom concrete pool. Golden Water Aquatics uses only the best materials and outstanding workmanships for our projects.

Let us take care of you every step of the way, our services start at the very beginning of your project. From planning and designing, all the way to your landscaping. Contact us now to take the first steps into creating your backyard oasis.

We Know fiberglass Pools

Have your pool installed more efficiently, browse between our finest selections and watch your backyard transform before your very own eyes.

Looking for a Fiberglass Swimming Pool Company? Give us a call, Golden Water Aquatics is a Fiberglass Pool Installer and Latham Pools Grand Dealer!

As a Swimming Pool Contractor in Richmond Hill, we have installed Fiberglass Pools all over the Greater Toronto Area. Having installed over 50 fiberglass swimming pools, our team is capable and comfortable installing swimming pools on estate, country, and city properties alike. Our pool company is centred in providing you with a pool that suits all your needs and wants. With over 40 fiberglass pool models to choose from, there is a fiberglass pool for every situation.

Latham Pools

Our Fiberglass Pool make your home the talk of the neighbourhood. Latham Pools has the best gelcoat in the market, their Crystite Color selection is also engineered for fade, stain, and scratch resistance with their Advanced Composite Technology.

As a swimming pool company, our team’s focus is providing you with a pool that suits all your needs and wants, whether you’re looking for custom benches or water features, we will take care of you. 

Furthermore, we work with the best trades who ensure we can provide you the backyard oasis of your dreams. An accessible vacation, in the comfort of your own home. 

Inground Pools for every application

Fiberglass Pool with a Spa

As a swimming pool contractor in the Greater Toronto Area, we have worked on making sure we are versatile and have options to offer every client. 

No matter what size your backyard is, or what budget you are working with, we have an option that will fit your needs. 

If a none of the Fiberglass pool models meet your requirements, we will design a custom Swimming pool that meets your needs

Explore Custom Concrete Swimming Pool Options

Dive into the world of concrete swimming pools, there are no limitations when you choose to go custom. Build your pool based on your lifestyle and ideas. 

As a swimming pool company focused on bringing quality products and workmanship, we use the innovative technique of shotcrete, which allows us to build lasting works of art.

Only the best add-ons for your Backyard retreat

We believe no backyard is complete without an eye-catching feature. 

Every Successful Project Starts With a Beautiful Design

It’s all in the design. Let our designers bring your Backyard to life.

Rectangular Inground Swimming Pools Night Shot with Lights

More Than a Swimming Pool Company

Golden Water Aquatics is not just a Swimming Pool Contractor, we also offer Turn Key Backyards. 

Whether you choose a fiberglass pool, a vinyl pool or a custom concrete swimming pool, we will take care of your project every step of the way. 

We start from your backyard and swimming pool design process all the way to the final reveal. You can trust Golden Water Aquatics to create your backyard retreat.

We make the job simple, by doing what is difficult.