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Say Hello to Concrete Pools

Custom Concrete Pools to Satisfy Your Every Needs

Custom In-ground Swimming Pool

Staycations are becoming more and more popular, utilize the endless possibilities your backyard has to offer. 

Elevate your backyard into an ultimate spot for relaxation and entertainment. Concrete Swimming Pools allows you to customize your space with exotic pool designs in any shape, size and depth, with endless feature options. When you choose to go with a Custom Pool, there is no limitations to the design but your imagination. 

One pool fits all, because of its customizability you can add all the features that caters to you. Whether it be a swim up bar, a built-in spa, or a splash pad with bubblers, every feature is personal to you. 

Concrete Swimming Pools Are

Concrete Pools are well known for their classic luxurious appearance and their customizability. 

Take advantage of the endless decorative possibilities Custom Pools have to offer. Add features that are unique to your space and will make your backyard stand out.

Make new memories every season, Concrete Swimming Pools are built with high quality constructions and is here to stay for generations. 

Trending Features

Concrete Pools with Built-In Spa

A very popular pool feature, Built-in Spas are a great way to make your backyard more inviting and relaxing.

Spas have a therapeutic effect on both the mind and the body. The sound of bubbling water adds to a soothing atmosphere, making it a great place to unwind. A mix of air and force of water allows for therapeutic massage through the spa jets. 

Take a dip in a warm calming spa, rejuvenate and enjoy the serenity it provides.

Concrete Pool with Built in Spa
Pool with Negative Edge

Negative or Infinity Edge

Pools that extend to the horizon, now who wouldn’t want that?

Create a luxurious illusion and give the impression that there is no separation between the water and its surrounding environment. If your landscape allows, let the water fall over the edge, creating a gorgeous waterfall effect. 

The aesthetic appeal negative edge creates will elevates your backyard to look and feel more like a luxurious resort. 

Negative edges can be applied to all or partial walls of your pool, or to a built in spa. 

Sunken Patio

Dazzle your guests with an elegant sunken patio that helps define individual spaces in your backyard. The change in height/grading accentuates the overall context of your patio.  

Sunken Patios add a central point of attraction to your space and takes the overall aesthetic of your backyard up a notch.

Get creative, sunken patios are multi-purpose, the height level allows for you to be inclusive with all your guests, swimming or not. Add a swim up bar feature for custom concrete pools,  incorporate a negative edge for a waterfall effect, or simply add a fire pit and create a cozy lounge. The design and usability options are endless. 

Pool with Sunken Fire Pit
Acrylic Pool

Concrete Pools with Custom Acrylic Walls

Bring the luxurious appearance of leading hotels and spas to your own space. Adding crystal clear panels are a hot new trend in current exterior designs. 

Unique swimming pool designs and features are on the rise. Acrylic pools or custom pools with acrylic panels are one of the most pursued styles. Incorporating an acrylic panel to your pool create a seamless see through window that gives you the illusion of a pool with no boundaries.

Transform Your Backyard Into Your Personal Oasis, Let us Build You A Custom Concrete Pool!