Golden Water Aquatics

Design Your Backyard

When you imagine your perfect pool and landscape design, what comes to mind? When Golden Water Aquatics builds your pool, you design your backyard and our job is to bring it to life.


Modern Pools

Modern pools are characterized by clean lines and geometric shapes. They often feature vivid colors and eye-catching displays of mosaic tile. In order to keep the simplicity of shape, spas are often inset in modern pools. Coping is either non-existent or very refined, poured concrete is popular.


Traditional pools

Traditional pools are the most common. They usually have a classic shape such as rectangular or kidney. The coping on a Traditional swimming pool is distinct, with brick or paving stones outlining the perimeter visually. Timeless paving materials are using for decking, think brick, pavers or natural stone. Many traditional pools feature a raised spa that spills over into the pool. Typically, the water color is that of a natural lake or pond.

interlocking/ pavers

Simpley Pavers

Interlocking pavers have the advantage of being an easy self-installation paving material in the design of your backyard. With its special interlocking feature, it enables pavers to be easily installed without the use of mortar.

This versatile paving material is modular, meaning that they connect together to form a variety of geometric designs. And with the vast color and design selections, it has become a popular choice for homeowners today. Interlocking pavers is an alternative to virtually any application that you would normally use bricks or concrete for.