Golden Water Aquatics

City of Mississauga

City of Mississauga

City of Mississauga Swimming Pool Permit By-law Requirements:

  1. Minimum 1.5m (5ft) set back from property line
  2. Pool Equipment may be located in a side and rear yard with a set back of 0.61m (2ft)to any lot line
  3. Pool legal enclosure fence minimum height of 1.22m (4ft) for detached and semi-detached properties and 1.83m (6ft) for multiple residential properties consisted of 6 or more dwellings. Maximum fence height is 2m (6.6ft)
  4.  All gates must be self closing and self latching, supported on metal hardware hinges capable of withstanding 200lbs
  5. Where a door forms part a pool enclosure, it must be equipped with a locking device at least 1.52m (5ft) from the bottom of the door
  6. Minimum 0.6m (2ft) around the perimeter of the property to remain undisturbed

Site Plan Requirements: 

  1. Legal Property Survey
  2. The site plan drawing size must be 11″ x 17″. Free hand drawn sketches will not be accepted
  3. Street location and street name (if the property is in a corner lot, show both street names)
  4. The shape and size of the lot
  5. The dimensions of the yard
  6. The house location with municipal address
  7. Proposed swimming pool with elevations, set-backs to property line and all accessory structures (sheds/cabanas/detaches garages) and or pool equipment – the shape, location and overall dimensions, including the width of the coping to be around the pool (if proposed). These structures may require a building permit. 
  8. The distance from the dwelling to the closed to the closed inside wall of the pool.
  9. Existing and proposed landscaping such as gardens, grassy areas, retaining walls, etc., with height and setback from the property line (minimum 0.6m or 2ft)
  10. All hard surfaces such as decks, patio stones, interlocking brick, etc. include elevations and size (provide dimensions in brackets) and set-backs to property lines
  11. All easements and right-of-ways and their width (check your property title if you are not sure) 
  12. Existing and proposed fence with self closing and self latching gate locations
  13. Construction access
  14. Existing and proposed grading
  15. Any street trees and adjacent parkland/greenbelt if applicable 

Permit Application Process:

Approvals from all applicable agencies are required, otherwise the City of Mississauga’s Compliance & Licensing Enforcement will NOT accept/process a Swimming Pool Enclosure Inspection Request.

  1. Alectra Utilities
    • Alectra Utilities must review the site plan to make sure the excavation will not interfere with any hydro lines
  2. Conservation Authority (if applicable)
    • Conducted by Toronto and Region Conservation Area (TRCA), Credit Valley Conservation Area (CVCA) or Conservation Halton
    •  If part of the construction area is regulated by a conservation authority, a permit/approval from the applicable authority is required
  3. Heritage Resources
    • If your property is listed or designated under the Heritage Resources Act, an approval from the City of Mississauga is required. 
  4. Community Services Park Access
    • A park access permit is required if you need to access your private property through a City Park or Natural Area during construction
  5. Ontario One Call
    • Ontario One Call must be contacted to locate any buried cables, pipes or wires prior to any digging. 

Once all necessary permits have been obtained, you can then submit your Pool Enclosure Inspection Request, along with all required documents and the inspection fee to Compliance and Licensing Enforcement, your request will be reviewed by the following departments:  

  1. Transportation and Works Department (Development and Construction) 
  2. Planning and Building Department (Zoning)
  3. Planning and Building Department (Development and Design – to ensure if the property is subject to Site Plan Control and will require a Site Plan Approval)

Once the site plan and survey has been approved, there will be a Pre-Construction Meeting/Inspection at the property. The terms for the meeting is as follows:

  1.  The homeowner and/or the agent must be present and join the staff from Compliance and Licensing Enforcement, Development Construction and any other applicable parties, during the meeting.
  2. The location and configuration of the pool must be staked accurately according to the submitted site plan, the meeting will not proceed if the site is not prepared. The inspectors will determine whether there are any by-law, lot grading or other issues that may impact the location and construction of the pool.
  3. Any required hoarding or sediment control for applicable trees should be installed prior to the initial inspection so Community Services can inspect on site to accelerate the process and not have to wait for another inspection. 
  4. If changes to the site plan are identified, you will receive a notice from the Development Construction advising you not to proceed with construction until the changes have been addressed and a revised plan is submitted. 
For Fiberglass Pool Installations, since a mobile crane is required, a Road Occupancy Permit must be obtained. 

Please refer to City of Mississauga’s Swimming Pool, Hot Tub & Swim Spa Guide for more information

Submission Requirements:

  1. Legal Property Survey and Proposed Site Plan
  2. All obtained required approvals
  3. The original signed copy of a Statutory Declaration having property owner(s) signature witnessed by a lawyer, notary or commissioner of oaths with their affixed seals/stamps
  4. Completed Pool Enclosure Inspection Request
  5. Swimming Pool Enclosure Inspection fee of $354.82 payable by credit, debit or cheque made to the City of Mississauga
Submit requirements in person by making an appointment. You also have the option to mail the application documents to: 
Compliance and Licensing Enforcement 
300 City Centre Drive, Ground Floor
Mississauga, ON L5B 3C1

City of Mississauga Swimming Pool Permit Fees and Deposits:

$357.65 Pool Enclosure Inspection Fee
$470.25 + hst Development and Construction Site Review/Administration Fee
$1000 Municipal Services Protection Deposit for Inground Pools
$5000 Lot Grading Deposit for Inground Pools

Golden Water Aquatics Proposed permit site plan and application assistance fees $1500 (Homeowners are responsible for submission and city fees).

*Current survey with grading plan is required, extra charges apply if not available. 

*Not including any forestry reports and permits if needed. 

*Not including Conservation Permits and approvals if applicable.