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Planning a backyard makeover? Let us help you with your pool permitting.

A swimming pool permits or a pool enclosure permit is required to install a swimming pool in Ontario. Altogether, a permit ensures that the swimming pool, landscaping and fencing are being done in accordance with their respective city’s Zoning and Fence By-laws.

Every city or town has their own set of rules and regulations, however, there are some general points to consider when applying for a swimming pool permit in Ontario: 
  1. Pool Location
    It is important to know your Municipality’s Setback Law when planning your backyard makeover. This will help you understand the size of the pool you are allowed to put in your property as well as where it can be located. Every municipality has a different requirement when it comes to their pool setback, this can be anywhere from 1m to 1.5m away from the property lines and/or structures. 
  2. Pool Fencing/Enclosure
    Additionally, you should consider pool enclosure fencing when planning. The pool enclosure permit shows your respective municipality how you plan on restricting access to your pool area. While different municipalities consider different structures to be part of the pool enclosure, they all follow a standard set of requirements. For instance, your fence height needs to be anywhere from 1.2m minimum to 2m maximum, depending on the city.  The materials commonly used are wood, chain link, wrought iron/aluminum, and in some cases, glass fencing. 
  3. Hard and Soft Landscaping
    As you take on another fun part of your project, picking stones and figuring out what plants will go best in your garden, it is great to plan with the hard vs soft landscaping allowance in mind. Furthermore, while some townships are not too strict on the placement of your hardscaping, there are some cities who have certain restrictions and require 0.6m setback between your stones and the fence. 

Find your Municipality's Swimming Pool Permit Requirements:

City of Toronto


City of Toronto is consisted of the following communities: North & East York, Etobicoke, Scarborough.


City of Vaughan is consisted of the following communities: Maple, Kleinburg, Concorn, Woodbridge and part of Thornhill.

City of Markham