Golden Water Aquatics

Town of Whitby

By-law Requirements:

  1. Minimum 1m (3.3ft) set back from property line, enclosure and dwelling
  2. Pool Equipment may be located in a side and rear yard with a set back of 0.61m (2ft)to any lot line
  3. Pool legal enclosure fence minimum height of 1.2m (4ft)
  4.  All gates must be self closing and self latching located on the inside of the pool safety fence
  5. Gates must be kept locked when there is no adult supervision
  6. Minimum 0.6m (2ft) around the perimeter of the property to remain undisturbed

Site Plan Requirements: 

  1. Legal Property Survey
  2. Proposed Pool Location with dimensions from the dwelling, enclosure and the property lines
  3. The structure of the pool enclosure, including the location of all self latching and self closing gates
  4.  Pool Equipment Location

Submission Requirements:

  1. Completed Pool Enclosure Permit Application
  2. Legal Property Survey and Proposed Site Plan
  3. A Road Occupancy Permit may be required if accessing off of a side street
  4. Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority CLOCA (if applicable)
  5. Pool Enclosure Permit Fee of $450 payable by credit, debit or cheque made to the Town of Whitby
  6. Any required Deposits
Applications must be submitted to: 
By-law Services
3050 Garden St., Unit #102
Whitby ON L1R 2G6
For more information, please visit

Town of Whitby Fees and Deposits:

$450 Pool Enclosure Permit Fee
$1,118.70 Curb and Boulevard Access Deposit
$463.30 Boulevard Access Deposit – only applicable if there is no curb
$1,525.50 Side Walk Access Deposit
$2,361.70 Town Fence Access Deposit (if applicable) 

Golden Water Aquatics Proposed permit site plan and application assistance fees $500 (Homeowners are responsible for submission and city fees).

*Not including any forestry reports and permits if needed.

*Not including Conservation Permits and approvals if applicable.