Golden Water Aquatics

City of Brampton

City of Brampton Swimming Pool Permit​

City of Brampton Swimming Pool Permit By-Law Requirements:

  1. Minimum 1.2m (4ft) set back from property line and pool enclosure
  2. Pool legal enclosure fence minimum height of 1.2m (4ft) to a maximum height of 2m (6.5ft)
  3. Self closing doors and gates must have self latching devices at least 1.2m (4ft) above ground 
  4. All gates must be equipped with a locking device and locked when the area is not in active use
  5. Minimum 0.6m (2ft) around the perimeter of the property to remain undisturbed

Site Plan Requirements:

  1. Measurements from the property lines and the pool enclosure to the water’s edge
  2. Existing and proposed final grading
  3. Landscaping Features to be added
  4. Type of fencing to be installed
  5. Location of pool enclosure gates
  6. Dimensions from the pools edge to any dwellings and their access doors
  7. Pool equipment location
Permit Application Process:

The completed site plan must be reviewed to make sure all requirements are met and there is no additional regulation requirements needed. A permit will not be accepted unless the following approvals have been obtained. 

  1. Pre-Review
    • Conducted by the Zoning Department
    • Zoning Cervices will determine if the property requires conservation approval, if it is serviced by a septic system which may impact pool location and/or if it is a heritage resource and it requires a heritage approval. 
  2. Conservation Authority (if applicable)
    • Conducted by Toronto and Region Conservation Area (TRCA) or Credit Valley Conservation Area (CVCA)
    •  If part of the construction area is regulated by a conservation authority, a permit/approval from the applicable authority is required
  3. Alectra Utilities
    • Alectra Utilities must review the site plan to make sure the excavation will not interfere with any hydro lines
  4. Public Works
    •  A review of the lot grading plan and a Fill/Grading Permit shall be obtained from Works and transportation. (Residential Fill Fee $50.00)
    • Works and Transportation must review your site survey and issue a Road Occupany and Access Permit, if required. You may also be required to pay a security deposit of $500.00 to obtain an Access Permit. (Road Occupancy and Access Permit Fee $450.00) 
  5. Building Division and Zoning Services
    • If your property is on a septic system, the Building Division must review your site plan to ensure compliance with the Ontario Building Code. 
    • Zoning Services will review your site plan for compliance with the Zoning By-law. There are certain areas in the city that are restricted or prohibited from the installation of a swimming pool. 
  6. Heritage Resources
    • If your property is listed or designated under the Heritage Resources Act, an approval from the City of Brampton Heritage Co-ordinator is required. 

Once all necessary permits have been obtained, you can then submit your pool enclosure application. 

Please refer to City of Brampton’s Pool Fence Enclosure Guide for more information

Submission Requirements:

  1. Legal Property Survey and Site Plan
  2. All obtained required approvals
  3. Completed Pool Fence Enclosure Application Form

City of Brampton Fees: $175 

Golden Water Aquatics Proposed permit site plan and application assistance fees $850 (Homeowners are responsible for submission and city fees).

*Current grading plan is required, extra charges apply if not available. 

*Not including any forestry reports and permits if needed.

*Not including Conservation Permits and approvals if applicable.