Golden Water Aquatics

City of Richmond Hill

City of Richmond Hill

City of Richmond Hill

City of Richmond Hill Swimming Pool Permit By-Law Requirements:

  1. Minimum 1.5m (5ft) set back from the property line
  2. Minimum 1.2m (4ft) set back from the house walls
  3. Pool enclosure fence height minimum of 1.2m (4ft) and maximum of 1.8m (6ft)
  4. Self closing and Self Latching fence gate
  5. Pool must be accessible from dwelling with child proofed doors/gates with lock located minimum of 1.5m (5ft) above the ground 
  6. Minimum 0.6m (2ft) around the perimeter of the property to remain undisturbed

Site Alteration Grading Plan Requirements:

  • Standard general notes for swimming pools.
  • North arrow and drawing metric scale 1:200 or 1:250
  • Consultant Certification stamp
  • Proposed location information, this includes fence enclosure details
  • Proposed grading information. Existing elevation, proposed elevation, and existing drainage patterns must be included.
  • Property set backs
  • Lot grading must be certified by a developer’s engineering consultant before a permit is issued to new subdivision home owners, contact your developer or builder about the lot grading status
Submission Requirements:
  1. Digital pdf copy of the Site Grading Plan
  2. Site Alteration Permit Application Form – please contact or call (905)771-8800 ext. 6432
  3. Toronto and region conservation authority TRCA (if applicable)
  4. In Site Plan Control Areas of Richmond Hill, a Site Plan Amendment Form is needed. 
  5. Tree Permit for any trees within 6m of the work zone that is proposed for removal or injury
Please contact (905)771-8800 ext. 6432 or email for submission. 

City of Richmond Hill Swimming Pool Permit Fees:

  • $499 Site Alteration Permit Fee 
  • $450 + hst Landscape Inspection Fee
  • $81 Pool Enclosure Fee
  • $3,000 Pool Security Deposit
  • Tree Permit Fees – $160 + hst for the first tree and $56 + hst for each additional tree to a maximum of $440 +hst

Golden Water Aquatics Engineering Fees $3500 (Homeowners are responsible for submission and city fees).

*Current Property Survey with Geodetic Grading Plan is required; extra charges will apply if not available. 

*Not including any forestry reports and permits if needed. 

*Not including Conservation Permits and approvals if applicable.